5 Best Holiday Hairstyles

5 Best Holiday Hairstyles

As you look forward to your holiday celebrations – whether they will be in person or on Zoom this year – you want to be sure your style is on point. With a great hairstyle and blowout, you will be the envy of all your guests. Shock and amaze them with one of these greatest holiday hairstyles.

1. Updo

There is just something so elegant about an updo. This beautiful hairstyle works well with straight or curly hair. By the time your stylist is done with you, your hair looks like a masterpiece and you look like royalty.

The updo can take on many forms. Even people with shoulder-length or even shorter hair can beautify themselves with the updo.

Start with a blowout so that you have maximum volume with your hairstyle. Apply some texture spray. Then, gather your hair in the back and pin it in place. Finish with hairspray.

You can put all your hair up or just part of it for a half-up updo, however you prefer.

2. Braid

Add an element of whimsy by including one or more braids with your holiday hairstyle. If you want a dramatic look, go for a loose fishtail braid. Or, add braids with your updo or as a contrast to your sleek blown out hair. Add a braid that goes horizontally across the back of your head for an artful look. Leave your hair down for the party but add in some long braids to complete the look.

3. Flowing Tresses

If you want to feel free this holiday season, go for a modern look with flowing tresses. Keep your hair down after you get a beautiful blowout to maximize your hair’s volume. This works with straight hair, wavy hair, or curls.

If you have straight hair but want some waves, twist big sections of your blown out hair around a large-barreled curling iron. Use your fingers to unwind your hair and ruffle it while still hot.

Add a holiday-inspired decorative clip to complete the look, such as a glittery hair pin or some mistletoe tucked behind your ear.

4. Polished Blow Out

If a blow out is not part of your regular routine, this look can make you reconsider. A professional blow out salon will make you feel wonderful as their professional stylists blow dry each section of your hair for maximum impact. We can finish the look by creating a side part and pinning your hair behind your ear.

5. Wavy Ponytail

Combine elegance and simplicity with a wavy ponytail. Start with a blow out and then divide your hair into three equal sections. Put the center section into a ponytail. Pull one o the other sections over the ponytail and pin in place. Do the same for the other section. Use a styling tool to create subtle waves in your hair. Apply a finishing spray.

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